Wellbeing Employees

We specialize in organizational activities, designed to deliver state-of-the-art and instant results.

Physical Activity

Whether in your office, outdoors, or at home, our trainers will uplift your day

Workplace Mindfulness

Use guided imagery and breathing techniques to better manage your everyday stressful moments

Cook it Up !

Is there a better way to start your day with a healthy meal, which you've made all by yourself?

Proprietary Mobile App

We’ve developed a proprietary mobile application, our X-factor, which can be white-labeled!

Covid & Wellbeing

Due to Covid constraints, most of our Wellbeing activities in 2021 take place in a group settings, online.

Collaboration & Productivity

We’ve developed a proprietary methodology for inducing employee engagement, productivity, loyalty and satisfaction, in a fun and engaging manner.

Positive Mindset Workplace
From Employee Activity to Productivity

Why Choose Us

Proven Track Record

Fortune-500s, Market Leaders, Municipalities, and more!

Sustainable Results

By connecting all dots: employee physical activity, nutrition and mental health.

Tailor Made Programs

Built for Your Needs, and Aligned with Covid Constraints

Proprietary Mobile App

Wellness in Your Phone, an X-Factor, White-Labeled Especially for Your Organization!

Employees outdoors activity
Happy Customers
Proprietary Seminars and Activities
Tons Of Goods
Mobile App

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for an amazing year of health, for the seminars and the talks. Our employees could not stop but provide positive feedback regarding the content you delivered. It’s a pleasure to hear our employees respond this way for employee activities. You’ve made my year”
Israel Aviation Industries (IAI)
Recommendation for happy hour with an added value. We hired Wellbeing Employees for a corporate function for the Women’s day. It worked like a charm, with their professional and caring team. Our ladies had loads of fun and wouldn’t stop talking about this great activity and experience.
Tel-Aviv University (TAU)
We designed a tailor-made wellbeing program for our employees, together with Wellbeing Employees. They brought great innovative and viable ideas which were well executed through top-notch seminars. All in competitive pricing. I enjoyed working with Wellbeing Employees. They operated in a professional manner, their availability was great and they were committed for the successful xxx of the project. I highly recommend Moran from Wellbeing Employees for anyone who’d like to implement an organizational wellbeing program.
Employee Wellbeing Work from home activity

Questions & Answers

Employee wellbeing refers to a broad range of aspects and activities which influence the overall sense of the employee. Are employees happy? Are they involved with the organization and its goals? Do they care at all for their workplace and their deliverables?

Our proven track record of wellbeing sessions cannot not lie. We operate in both worlds: online and in the physical world. Our proprietary methodology and mobile app have been in use by 100’s of customers including fortune 500’s, market leaders, municipalities, etc.

We promise you instant, and measurable sustainable results.

Employee wellbeing is highly associated with employee collaboration, productivity, effectiveness, etc. For your employee it might be yoga session or a BMI check. For you it’s improved employee performance and loyalty.

With six of the ten leading causes of death directly related to nutrition, an effective welfare department will care to educate employees for healthier food choices.

Eating well makes your employee less sick, having more energy to get through the day, and sleeping better.

We are owned by a female, and employ mostly women. We volunteer a lot, and we manage to do all of that for 10 years and counting.

We connect the magical dots: Sports, Nutrition and Soul. When combined, all three transform almost any employee into an appreciative, loyal and collaborative one.

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