About Us

Our Perception of Wellbeing

Wellbeing employees were founded over 10 years ago by our CEO, Moran Strulovitch. Prior to that, Moran was the Israeli champion in Acrobatics and then obtained an MA in Physiology of Effort.

Wellbeing Employees help employees live healthier lives and achieve their lifestyle goals. Through our individualized solutions that prove themselves in many different companies, we understand how to combine our knowledge of wellness with fun activities to help employees feel happier and enable greater productivity at work.

Wellbeing employees is driven to improve the well-being and productivity of employees through workshops, online service, fitness, nutrition, and lectures. We specialize in providing wellness services for organizations of all sizes and segments. We are passionate about making employees happy, engaged, and productive.

Our activities combine the physical and the virtual worlds. We’ve been providing services for employees who work from home, long before COVID-19 came. Our workshops, seminars, and mobile app are all suitable for the COVID era, by-design. When possible, we engage with employees in the physical world. However, since 2020, more often than not, we engage with employees online.

We’ve designed a proprietary MOBILE APP, and follow a unique methodology that we’ve developed and sharpened throughout the years, to deliver top results for all types of working environments.

Our organization, Wellbeing Employees, consists mostly of females, most of which are also actively volunteer and support the community.
We thrive for excellence, and we wish to bring excellence to your organization and employees.

Employee Wellbeing Workshop

Our Team

Noa Chiproot נעה צ'יפרוט

Noa Chiproot

Project and Marketing manager

Noa chiproot is the marketing manager of ‘Wellbeing Employees’.

She is passionate about tech, fitness, nature, traveling, and wellbeing, and always looking for a way to combine them all!

After working around the world while traveling and getting to work with people from a range of cultures and backgrounds, Noa realized it is always the most important for her to have a deep understanding of the other side, the customer side.

This interest in this area is what led her to pursue two BA degrees, both in Psychology and Business- Marketing.

About Us - Moran Strulovich, CEO Wellbeing Employees.500x500

Moran Strulovitch

Founder, CEO

Moran is an Israeli champion in Acrobatics, where she won competitions locally and internationally.

Mrs. Strulovitch holds onto a Masters degree (MPE) in Physiology of Effort, from Wingate Institution for Physical Education and Sports. Moran specializes in the recovery of patients with heart failure, through physical activity. She is a public speaker in the field of healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Moran is the inventor of the “Wellbeing Employees” training system, which is based on a holistic view and training people for an independent and sustainable lifestyle.

Moran is married to Zvika and the mom of their two beloved daughters: Yaheli and Naya.

Our Customers

Our broad range of customers include: fortune 500’s, market leaders, global players, local organizations, municipalities, defense units, and beyond.

Thomson Reuters
עיריית הרצליה
IAI Israeli Aviation Industries
TAU Tel Aviv University
Elbit Systems אלביט
Mentfield Logistics
Israel Electric
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