Our Programs

Our Most Popular Programs

Wellbeing Employees offers activities designed for the varying employment environments, including: indoors, outdoors, from-home, from the workplace, via the mobile up and beyond!

Interactive Online Workshops

  • Shake it Up Seminar – Shakes Making
  • Health in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Warm Up Your Winter with a Soup
  • Proprietary Holiday Seminars
  • Sweet but Healthy- Healthy dessert making
* All seminars can be delivered to employees, families and children!

Physical Activity

  • Weight Loss – Personalized Programs
  • Strengthening Straight from the Core (Core Muscles)
  • Physical Activities in the Workplace
  • Group Activities for Social Bonding

Expert Talks

  • From Anxiety to Peacefulness
  • Physical Activity to Strengthen Immunity
  • Healthy Lifestyle through the Modern Lifestyle…
  • Physical Activity and Happiness! 


  • Developing and Sustaining Mental Strength
  • Creating New Habits and Overcoming Old Ones…
  • Nutrition for Success!

Employee Wellbeing Days

  • Taking Medical Metrics such as BMI, Body Fat, PR, BP
  • Healthy Refreshments, Shakes and Complete Meals
  • Seminars and Expert Talks
  • Activities, Attractions and Competitions
  • Venues for Beautification, Massage, Shiatsu, et. 
  • Health Products Happening 
  • Diet & Nutrition-related Consultation
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