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Building Resilience in Employees

Even if you have cultivated the ideal workplace, there are still going to be obstacles, workplace conflict, and other challenges. If employees are unable to overcome challenges and continue working, productivity and team morale are going to plummet.

One way to help your employees conquer workplace obstacles it to promote building up resilience among the staff. Let’s look at what resilience is and how to build resilience up in the workplace.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is defined as “the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity.” It’s essential in the workplace in order for people to work together, and continue doing their jobs. Resilience gives people the ability to bounce back no matter what is thrown at them. The idea of resilience is so important in the workplace. Without it, teams would crumble and people would quit jobs left and right. Without resilience, team members typically do not have the confidence to complete challenging tasks. There are a number of ways to build resilience in the workplace to keep employees happy and confident even when they are facing difficulty.

Promote Positivity

Never underestimate the power of a little positivity in the workplace. The second one employee is acting negatively, it can affect the entire time. As a leader, it’s important to emit positivity to promote a positive moral among staff. Think about it. If your boss is always in a bad mood, and so are your team mates, how will you ever feel good about the work you’re doing? Without initial positivity, resilience in employees will be difficult to achieve. Even if you’re having a bad day, staying positive in front of your team will keep them feeling good about their work. When there are challenges or big changes to the workplace, keeping a positive outlook will make your team confident that the changes are good, and that they can overcome the change and continue working.

Work-Life Balance

People without a good work-life balance are inevitably going to become run down and not perform at their best. With screens at our finger tips 24/7, it becomes more and more difficult to “clock out” at the end of the day. It’s important to make sure your employees know that it’s alright to take time for themselves, and that it’s encouraged. If employees never have time to recharge, they certainly won’t have the energy to work through challenges. Offering paid time off and other benefits to employees to encourage them to take time off, and not to feel obligated to work in their off hours will build resilience in your team. Everyone needs time to unwind, right?

Allow Multiple Breaks

According to the Harvard Business Review, mental focus, clarity, and energy cycles are around 90-120 minutes long. Being able to step away from work to rest for even a few minutes is going to allow employees to come back to what they were doing with a fresh set of eyes. Sitting in the same spot staring at the same thing for hours on end will burn even the most resilient employee out. Scheduling set times for breaks won’t always align with when an employee is hitting their threshold for focus. Allowing them to choose when they go on break will increase productivity and resilience.

Encourage Self-Care

Self-care comes in all shapes and sizes. Employees should feel comfortable practicing self-care when they need it. As well, an employee’s health always comes first. If they’re not feeling well, they should be encouraged to take a sick day and do what they need to do to take care of themselves. Without the ability to take care of themselves, employees will never perform at their best. If they are working in an environment where they feel as though they cannot take time off if they’re sick, it will take a longer time to recover, and risk other employees catching their sickness. Even if employees are working remotely, as most are right now, sick days and self-care time are very important in order to maintain resilience. Burnout can happen even when sitting at home in front of the computer, and it can end up being worse than when there is no separation between office and home.


To sum it up, having resilient employees is great, but as an employer you must encourage employees to engage in activities that keep that up. Without proper work-life balance, breaks, and a positive work environment, any resilience employees have will be worn down. Your employees are people too, and if you want them to keep working for you, you’ll need to promote an environment that fosters work-life balance and positivity. Employees and their well-being should come first in the workplace, and with that will come the resilience you seek.

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