Moran Strulovitch

Moran Strulovich, the inventor of the “Wellbeing Employees” training system, is previosuly an Israeli champion in Acrobatics, where she won competitions locally and internationally. Mrs. Strulovich holds onto a Masters degree (MPE) in Physiology of Effort, from Wingate Institution for Physical Education and Sports. Moran specializes in the recovery of patients with heart failure, through physical activity. Moran is also a public speaker, speaking of healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Yoga Activity in Workplace Setting

How Wellbeing Improves Employees Motivation and Productivity

            Sometimes people say they work best under pressure and stress. Well, that might be because it’s the only type of work they know. The days of taking pride in being overworked and burnt out are being put behind us. Business are focusing on ensuring their employees are taking care of themselves physically and mentally. …

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