Employee Wellbeing Eating During a Busy Day

Eating During a Busy Day

            It happens to everyone. We get busy with work, taking on too many projects or having back to back meetings. The first thing to go out the window on a busy workday is sitting down to have lunch. You might even be so busy you’re running out the door without so much as a piece of toast for breakfast!

            Not eating right will have you run down and unmotivated before you even realize it. Prioritizing eating well during the day has many benefits including:

  • Increased productivity
  • More focus for tasks and projects
  • Less likely to get sick

Even during the busiest days, prioritizing a balanced diet is important. So, how can we fit in three meals a day between all those projects and meetings?

Have Breakfast, No Matter What

            Many people tend to skip breakfast. Grabbing a cup of coffee and heading straight to work is not the healthiest option. We are taught as kids that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day,’ and it’s true! Skipping breakfast is linked to long term health issues such as obesity and diabetes. Having breakfast will also boost your mood throughout the day. 

             Breakfast does not have to be an elaborate spread. Keep it simple. Have a protein rich breakfast bar, eggs, or prepare breakfast meals for the week ahead of time on Sunday. Here are some suggestions for quick breakfast items.

Meal Preparation

            Busy days don’t allow for a full lunch break sometimes. Instead of grabbing something from the vending machine, start your week by pre-making meals to take with you. You can make exactly what you want and have it ready to go. Carve out some time on the weekend to do this, so come Monday you’re ready with meals and snacks to keep you fed even on the busiest of days. When you start off a meal prep journey, be sure to invest in decent containers you can pack that will be space efficient for your busy day.

Set up a Reminder

            We know it sounds a little strange, but setting reminders to eat will help if you have trouble remembering to eat throughout the day. Even a sticky note on your desk telling you to take a snack break at a certain time can be beneficial to ensuring you’re eating throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated

            Don’t forget to drink your water! Along with eating, proper hydration goes right out the window when we’re busy. When you’re dehydrated, you will not be performing at the best of your ability. Cognitive function decreases, and you’ll be tired. Curb dehydration with a reusable water bottle that you can refill throughout the day. Add a reminder to drink water along with your snack reminders, too.

Don’t Work and Eat at the Same Time

            Even if you consider yourself the best multitasker, set aside time to eat when you are not working. If you are focused on working, you aren’t paying attention to the food. This could lead to you eating too much, or not eating enough. Unplug from all technology and focus on eating to ensure you are eating the proper amount.

Choose Healthy at Restaurants

            When you find yourself at a business lunch or function, choose the healthiest option on the menu. This one is easy. You don’t have to cook or plan anything. Do this if you forget your prepared lunch or want to go out with coworkers, too.

Eat at the Same Time Everyday

            Creating a routine around meals will help you remember to eat. Once you establish the routine, you won’t have to work as hard to remember that you must eat and eat well during the workday.

Keep Healthy Snacks in Your Desk

            If you work in an office, there’s probably a vending machine in the break room ready to tempt you with junk food. Bringing your own snacks and having healthy options on hand will keep you more energized throughout the day. Snacking will also keep you from being totally starving when it’s time for lunch or dinner.


            To sum it up, there are plenty of ways to make sure you are for one, actually eating throughout the day and doing it in a healthy way. Bringing your own snacks will keep you away from junk food. Meal preparation will ensure you have nutritious meals to grab on the go so you don’t forget to eat.

            Keep yourself hydrated, and don’t forget to eat breakfast. While we may get super busy, there should always be time to take care of ourselves and eat a proper meal. It’s not only good for you, it will help increase your productivity and keep you at your best.

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