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The Best Workout for Shoulders

Your Guide to the Best Workout for Shoulders at Home Using Minimal Equipment

From throwing a ball, to holding grocery bags, or reaching up for something on a shelf, your shoulder muscles play a necessary role. Your shoulder muscles control the up and down, forward and backward movement of your arms. They hold the bones of your shoulder joint in place as well as protect it.

You need your shoulder muscles for performing almost every upper body movement. Because we use our shoulder muscles so frequently, they are more prone to injury. A shoulder injury is painful and takes a long time to heal. Strengthening your shoulder muscles is one way to prevent injury and build shapely, strong shoulders.

Keep reading to learn how to do the best workout for shoulders at home.

The Best Workout for Shoulders At Home

The best workout for shoulders at home will be a mix of body weight and dumbbell exercises. These exercises don’t require heavy gym equipment and can be performed in a small space. Do each move in any order for at least 10 repetitions (reps), 3-4 times total.

Military Press

The military press works your entire deltoid muscle (the round cuff of your shoulder). It’s also great for working your triceps, pectoral muscles, and trap muscles. To do it, you’ll need two medium weight dumbbells.

  • Step 1: Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Step 2: Bring the weights to your shoulders, holding them so that your palms are facing forward and elbows out to the side.
  • Step 3: Press the dumbbells up above your head and away from your shoulders while straightening your arms.
  • Step 4: Hold at the top for one count then return to the starting position with the weights at your shoulders.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The dumbbell lateral raise is included in the best workout for shoulders at home because it targets your middle deltoid. Use a light to medium pair of dumbbells for this move.

  • Step 1: Stand holding a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing inside.
  • Step 2: Raise your arms out to your sides, keeping only the slightest bend in your elbows. Raise your arms only to shoulder height and hold for one count.
  • Step 3: Lower arms back to starting position and repeat.

Front Deltoid Raise

The front deltoid raise is great for working the anterior or, frontal, head of your shoulder. For this move, choose light to medium weight dumbbells.

  • Step 1: Start standing with your feet shoulder width apart holding a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Keeping your palms facing inward, slowly raise your arms out in front of you (arms should remain straight) until you reach shoulder height. Hold here for one count, then lower down to the starting position and repeat.

Plank Raise Shoulder Taps

The plank raise shoulder tap works on strengthening your shoulder muscle stability. It’s included in the best workout for shoulders at home because you can do it with no equipment.

  • Step 1: Start in plank position with your palms firmly planted on the floor shoulder width apart.
  • Step 2: Raise one arm off the ground so that you are balancing your weight on the opposite arm.
  • Step 3: With the same arm, reach across to your opposite shoulder to give it a quick tap. Place your hand back on the ground and hold for one count before repeating the exercise with the other arm.

Pike Push-Up

The pike push-up is an alternative version of the standard push-up that focuses more on working your shoulder strength.

  • Step 1: Start by getting into downward dog position, feet placed close together with toes firmly planted on ground and palms placed shoulder width apart on the ground below your head and shoulders.
  • Step 2: Keep your core and pelvis lifted so that your body is in the shape of an inverted V. Carefully bend your elbows and lower your head and shoulders closer to the ground. Hold for one count at the bottom then press up to the starting position and repeat.

How To Incorporate the Best Workout for Shoulders at Home Into Your Exercise Routine

The best workout for shoulders at home will help you build a stronger, more balanced upper body without a gym. These moves can be incorporated into your usual home upper body workout routine or done as a workout on their own.

Aim to train your shoulders at least 2-3 times a week for best results in creating stronger, shapelier shoulders. You’ll reduce your risk of energy while improving your physique. Shoulder muscles are integral to your everyday movements. Protect your shoulders by maintaining a consistent upper body workout routine that focuses on building shoulder strength.

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