Banana smoothie

A recipe for a refreshing banana smoothie – The 5 benefits of a banana smoothie

There’s nothing like starting a sunny day with a banana smoothie.
This article will take a look at the potential health benefits of banana smoothies, why you should drink them in the morning, and what are the 5 benefits of a banana smoothie.

Recipe for a refreshing banana smoothie:

1 banana can be frozen
2 tablespoons of flax
1 cup soy/almond milk

Add all the ingredients into the blender and blend until nice and creamy, if you want a lighter texter you can add water.

No need to add sweetener to this smoothie, it is naturally sweet!

What are the 5 benefits of this banana smoothie?

  1. The banana is a natural energy bomb, it is easy to eat on the way, it has no high amount of calories, and the banana can give you the boost you need for your energy levels, especially in the morning or afternoon when you feel sleepy.
  2. This shake is sweet! What does it mean? it can replace your need for sweets or unhealthy snacks.
  3. Banana is rich in minerals and especially in Potassium, an important mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart health.
  4. The smoothie is rich in vitamins, such as B, responsible for breaking down fats and producing proteins (yes, this will help you get slimmer). Also, banana is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases, and slow down signs of aging.
  5. Rich in dietary fiber resulting in a good substrate for the growth of good bacteria for the digestive system and for probiotic benefits that contribute to the digestive system and the immune system.

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To conclude, a banana smoothie can help you strengthen your immune system, feel awake and even lose weight.
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